TJ’s Professional Portfolio Website

Please click on the link to my professional portfolio:


2 responses to “TJ’s Professional Portfolio Website

  1. Alissa

    Dr. Kopcha-
    I am a high school Business Education teacher in Pennsylvania. I am also a student at Drexel University, enrolled in their Masters in Educational Leadership program.

    Recently I chose your article “A systems based approach to technology integration using mentoring and communities of practice” to critique for my Mentoring and Collaborative Leadership class.
    As a follow up to my research and your article, to your knowledge, has any school implemented your model?

    Any information you can offer me for my assignment, I would greatly appreciate it.
    I enjoyed your article and feel extremely passionate about empowering teachers and supporting technology integration in such a fashion.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. marilu

    Dear Professor Kopcha,

    I remember taking your course during my credential program. I recently received an email from SDSU saying that your curriculum was being recognized through the “Best Practice Award for Innovative Use of Technology”. I wanted to say congratulations!

    A former student,

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