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If I’m a digital immigrant, will I get deported?

Ok, let me explain a little.

The local cable providers charge ridiculous amounts of $$ for digital cable, HD TV, high(est) speed internet, digital phone with the works, etc. Now, I love the works. I love the HD on my TV, I love the caller ID — love it all. I’m all about technology, but the fees were just getting crazy. So I dropped it all. Bare bones baby! Stripped phone, 33 local cable channels, and less-than-highest speed internet (ok, maybe it’s not exactly dropping in the case of the Internet, but for a guy who lives half his life in cyberspace it’s a real sacrifice!).

This led me to wonder…am I now a digital immigrant? Because I eschew the fancy-shmancy technology-geek level of technitus in my life, am I a pariah? A technology outcast? If the wrong people find out what I’ve done, will I get deported from my life in the circuitry of my computer-based self?

Probably not. But given the popularity of the digital native / immigrant terminology, one has to wonder…


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