Freshmen and their top uses of mobile technologies

smartphonewithappsIt’s a year since I last taught the Freshman Odyssey here at UGA on mobile technologies. Things have changed, but then again, things really haven’t. I asked last year’s group to create a “top five” list to describe the technologies they use and how they use them (see  I’ve got my students working on that again this year (in fact, they are right here working on it).

SO the 2013 list of things that freshmen do with mobile technologies looks like this:

  1.  The UGA app (or whatever college/university you attend). It may not be accurate at all times, but it helps coordinate bus schedules and routes and more! Dining halls, maps, directories, Bulldog Bucks, sporting events. Look for one of these and use it!
  2. Emoji (Design?). Go download these and put them on your settings. Texts without emoji are boring. These help convey a message – especially with sarcasm, which is difficult to convey over text.
  3. Security. First, secure your device. Lookout can pinpoint location of phone, or set a siren off if you cannot locate it. Second, security in social media. Manage your settings! Just Delete Me to find out if and how to do it).
  4. Organization. Essential as incoming student. Procrastination is  a big deal. Color Note is really good. Color coding each subject helps Word of advice: Sit at beginning of semseter and enter dates, and/or continue with weekly updates. iCal is still great because it can sync to the Cloud and with other tools like Gmail.

    Organization includes storing and organizing files. Google Drives, and Dropbox are essential. Copy and Box are other tools that offer free space. So does iCloud.

  5. Communicate. Group Me is still a popular tool but word of warning – it drains your battery to have push notifications all the time. You’ll need to be selecting about what you allow to notify you.

That’s all! I hope you’ve found this list helpful. Stay tuned next Fall when we do this activity again with another great group of students here at UGA!

Go Dawgs!


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