Dr. Kopcha on NPR

Image of nook technology

Pre-kindergarteners at the Rebecca Blaylock Child Development Center in Rome are adding Nook tablet computers to their books, finger paints, pencils and blocks in the classroom. (Photo Courtesy of Michael Nienaltowski via Flickr.)

Yes it’s true. You may not of heard this yet but GPR (Georgia Public Radio) has finally recognized the genius that I am. They put me on the radio!

Now don’t get too excited. My sound byte lasts about four seconds. But that’s four more seconds than a lot of people I know have had on public broadcast, some I’m pretty proud of it!

You can read about it and hear my sound byte on the NPR site:

Don’t want to take the time to listen to it?

Yeah I can’t blame you – I wouldn’t either. Even though it’s only four seconds, it’s four seconds of me going on about how great technology is. Who wants to  listen to that nonsense?

Here’s what I said: Technology is only good when (and because) it can improve the way students and teachers interact. I was trying to keep the human element in the conversation.

Here’s why I said it: There’s a lot of rhetoric these days about how computers can take the place of teachers. There’s even more evidence of that rhetoric when you look at ideas like personalized learning and the like – now don’t get me wrong, those strategies and technologies might be successful someday. But if they are or ever will be, it will only be because it helps strengthen the way that students and teachers interact.

Take that out of the equation, and you get this…

Image of learning machines from 1900's

Image of learning machines from 1900’s


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