Sea Kittens … food for thought about food

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has apparently renamed fish the cutsey term ‘Sea Kittens‘ (no, really). Apparently this is to make us think twice about eating fish — because no one wants to eat kittens, right? Or hook them in the kisser and drag them through the water. If you start to think of fish as cute and cuddly, maybe you won’t eat them? Read more about PETAs ideas here.

So let’s say you go along with this line of thinking.

Sea Cow is still Cow, right?

Sea Cow is still Cow, right?

“Fish, ok to eat. Sea Kitten…Kitten. Never ate kitten before. Kitten bad to eat.”

Let’s try it with another species.

“Cow, ok to eat. Sea cow…cow. Ate cow before. So Sea Cow is now ok to eat, right? Mmmm.” (Poor manatee doesn’t stand a chance anymore, now does he?)

Wait, let’s stay in the fish family.

“Catfish ok to eat. Kitten fish…kitten and cat are the same, so… perhaps I’ll try a tasty fillet-o-kittenfish after all.”

Now, I’m not against PETA’s move, per se. But you have to admit —  it’s much more interesting to play funny logic games with the new title they gave fish than to debate whether getting a daily dose of omega fatty acids through filleted fish flesh is treating animals unethically or not.


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