My (somewhat exhausting) love-hate relationship with Twitter

Twitteriffic Icon

Twitteriffic Icon

I received some sage advice from a colleague — Twitter is only as good as your tweets. So I decided I needed to spend a little time exploring people to follow, paring and tailoring the list to my interests, and giving Twitter another chance.

I’d like to say that it was the best decision I ever made, but the jury is still out. I think I can safely say that I am no longer a Twitter dropout (see earlier post), but an optimistically cautious microblogger interested in having it in my life again. I think my initial fervor over the tool was bound to fizzle — and now, with a little hiatus, I’m ready to give Twitter the ol’ college try. Again.

Improving the chances of Twitter having a meaningful and long(er)-lasting role in my life is the use of the many free tools designed to plop my feed right on my desktop. Twitteriffic and Tweetdeck make receiving, organizing, and responding to tweets easy and less intrusive than keeping Twitter in an active window or tab for hours on end. Apparently Tweetdeck allow you to organize tweets into categories — work, leisure, humor, etc. I say apparently because I’ve tried Twitteriffic (and like it) but have only heard about Tweetdeck from others. Note that some Tweetdeck users have complained of lost data when upgrading from lesser versions.
Customized home pages like Page Flakes ( have a twitter-feed widget built in — but again, you need to be on that page 24/7 to see updates. Not condusive to my style. I prefer to have a small updater in the corner of my desktop. But that’s just me.

I hope this helps those of you new to Twitter avoid the frustrations I’ve had with Twitter, and help you set Twitter up well from the get-go.

Doing so may lead to a lifelong friendship with technology as your friend in the digital age [can I get sued for using that? Maybe if I put it in quotes…”your lifelong friend in the digital age”. Or thank Cox Communications? HEY! Thanks Cox ( No, no — wait. Better yet, let me write it like this…

Our ‘friend’ in the digital age. Now I’ve changed more than 10% of it (Two out of 7 words changed, ~30%), so it’s my own version, right? Egads this copyright stuff is SOOOOOO dang confusing!]


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One response to “My (somewhat exhausting) love-hate relationship with Twitter

  1. Diane Main

    I prefer TwitterFon to Twitterific on my iPhone. I only used Twitterific when TwitterFon was experiencing some difficulties during the weekend of December 6th. I was in Monterey at a conference and TwitterFon was borked. Twitterific kept making me feel self-conscious as it literally tweeted (chirped) with every update. I was standing in an SRO David Jakes session at the time, you see.

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