Why I touch my iPod touch

 iPod TouchGrowing up, my family held onto all sorts of media for far too long. I remember my friends coming over with cassettes in the 80’s and making fun of the turntable I had that also played 8-tracks (wore out Peter Paul & Mary’s Greatest Hits, too). I loved that thing — not because I refused to get with the times, though, and buy a boom box that played the latest and greatest. Rather, my love of music was cultivated by my experience with the raw power of the vinyl record.

The experience of selecting and playing vinyl engaged all the senses, and iPod has brought that back, just a little bit, with the iPod touch. It was a psrt of me I’d long forgotten — sitting over the turning record, looking over the album’s cover art. Sifting through the entire record collection, deciding which would be next. Which album cover spoke to me. It engaged my sight as well as my hearing. It make the act of selecting the next album like perusing some old museum at my leisure, fingering each album in my collection until one spoke to me.

That, my friends, is back. What really sells me is the music interface — specifically, the ability to sort through my album artwork and select the album I want to hear. The iPod touch lets me rummage through my albums, shows me the cover art, and brings back gobs of nostalgic goodness. Bless you, Apple. You’ve reminded me why listening to music is so much fun.

For more about the iPod touch, see this blog: http://blogofwishes.com/mp3video-players/the-new-ipod-touch/


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