Rain on my Interactive Fiction parade

Ok, so I’ve been hitting the interactive fiction sites pretty hard over the last few days. I still love them — turns out, though, there are some glaring errors that tend to make the sites — well — challenging to use. Especially in educational settings. Here are the main issues…

  • Some of the Scott Adams Adventures just don’t work. I verified this by checking a walkthrough — the program just didn’t let me go where I needed to go. Very odd.
  • None of the save options worked.
  • From what I’ve found, the downloadable versions of Zork I, II, and III only work on the Mac Classic OS.
  • Language barriers. The older games are too word-specific. I said “Dig”. It said “How?”. I said “With Hands”. It said “Can’t”. Turns out “Use Hands” was the proper command. Needed a walk through to find that out.
  • The text disappears on some computers when you scroll the main window

However, I have not lost my fervor for using these in the classroom. Especially when they are so much darn fun! I’ll post more about that later…


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