Jott and Kids — relief at last!

No, not relief from kids. Relief from the burden of keeping family all over the country informed about what my little bundle o’ joy is up to these days and all the other cute things that gran’ma and gran’pa want to know. Minute-by-minute details can be seamlessly spoken into a cell phone, converted to text (via Jott) and automatically sent to the blog service of choice…easy peasy!

I ended up creating a blog solely devoted to updating the ‘rents about all the goings-on with the kid. Every day on my car ride home, I can dial up the Jott hotline, speak 30 seconds of all the cute-o-rama my kid has to offer, and trust that within 10 minutes it will appear on a blog somewhere in cyberspace for my family to peruse.


If time management is not your friend then try out Jott. You’ll love it.

To see the quality of a blog powered by Jott, see my entry called “I am using Jott to enter…”.


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