I twitter, therefore I am!

I just recently subscribed to Twitter (username: tkopcha). I’ve asked several friends to check it out, but they don’t seem to have caught the bug. What is it about Twitter that hooked me? Rummaging. I confess — I’m often a dawdler and I like to rummage. Twitter connected me with one friend, a colleague from work. From there, I rummaged through his followers for those who I found interesting. I followed them. I rummaged through their followers. Pretty soon, I had 5 or so posts a day coming. Cool…

But wait, I thought…what if I do a search? Next thing I know I’m rummaging more than ever. For fellow surfers, for ed techies like myself, and for random topics just for fun. I find the most amazing links to blog posts, ideas, and new technology. New Internet sites and tools. New everything!

So I start to feel like I need to give as much as I am getting. I share a neat new site here, a news article there. Soon others give me a shout out and start following me. Me! Rummaging through Twitter and finding little ol’ me, as I have rummaged for them — imagine that!

And just like that, I’m hooked. I twitter, therefore I am. TJ2.0 — better, new and improved, sifting through gobs of information and ideas faster than ever, all because of this little guy called twitter. I want to twit at home, at school. I want to link it to my phone and IM my posts. Look, I’m even blogging about it!

I recently read a post about Twitter that sums it up in a different and perhaps even better, more eloquent way than I have here — something about blogs being like a garden hose of information and Twitter being like a firehose. Check it out if you have the time…it’s worth it: http://sue02420.blogspot.com/2007/11/this-is-how-twitter-works.html  

I hope to see you on Twitter soon!


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