The Growler – what is there not to love?

I just spent the evening at two different microbreweries in the local area. Apparently one can buy what is known as a growler — a one liter, half gallon, or larger size vessel in which a local brewery will place their lovely microbrewed beer. Often, the beer is exclusive and unique and only sold in Growlers, as to entice the local rabble to purchase via this method.  What a great concept!

Essentially, the process works like this…

1. You go to a microbrewery.

2. You pay for the amount of beer you want to take home.

3. They fill your growler, and viola — you’ve got lots o’ beer!

Imagine! You just bring a huge vessel to the brewery and they fill it with the tasty beverage of your choice! The price is better than buying a 6-pack at the store, and samples come as part of the territory. What is there not to love?


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